Anyone know how to hide git ignored files in IDEA?


I'd like IDEA to NOT display files that have been defined in my .gitignore folder.

I installed the .ignore plugin but it doesn't actually seem to hide the files in question, it just fades them out a bit.



Hi David,

Where exactly do you want IDEA not to display these files?
E.g. they will always be visible in the Project View, since their VCS ignorance status shouldn't affect their visibility in terms of file system.


The Project view already has a lot of GIT knowledge, it's able to use different colors to indicate the status of files that are changed, not tracked, etc.
perhaps there should be an option/preference called "Hide file names ignored by git"


+1.   I agree with David.   This is a pretty standard feature in  Sublime, Atom, VSCode (via plugin).  


not showing them fixes clutter in the side bar,  searching,  refactoring etc.     A basic feature, but without it the IDE gets really annoying.  (in my case PyCharm)


The .ignore plugin can do this for you now


The feature is now removed from `.ignore` plugin and is a part of Foldable Project View plugin (of which `.ignore` plugin warns you after you install it).

It does not always work tho. Would be cool if webstorm had this functionality built-in.


And Foldable Project View plugin is no longer maintained. So we now have no way of hiding the ignored files.

It's a bit sad. .ignore was doing the perfect job


Correction, it's available only for EAP IDE right now.

still sad


Why is this still in the menu when you right-click on the Project view if the functionality doesn't exist?


This is because you have .ignore plugin enabled. This is not an IDE feature.