IDEA unaware of subversion changes

From command line, I'll execute "svn stat", and I see several modifications.  However, IDEA is wholly unaware of my changes.  The files are not listed in the changes window, nor does their color indicate a local change.  Most alarmingly, when I invoke the commit dialog, they are not listed amongst the changed files.

Clicking the "refresh" button on the changes toolbar does not rectify the situation (in fact, I observed doing so removed a changed file from the list).  The "svn working copies" tab on the changes window correctly lists my working directories and associated svn url.

I am using Ubuntu 10.10, with IDEA build #486, but my coworker has observed the same problem in 520.

My subversion version info is:

svn, version 1.6.12 (r955767)
   compiled Jul  8 2010, 14:54:54

Is this a known problem?  Is there something I'm doing incorrectly?

I hadn't realized how dependent I am on the commit dialog.  As I have just introduced a bug because of missing commits, I think I have to use an earlier version of IDEA due to this problem.  I'm happy to create a bug in YouTrack if this is indeed a new issue.



Does IDEA recognize changed files after File | Synchronize, or after restart?


From time to time i have the same problem (on Windows).
I call commit and it tells me that there is nothing to commit. Then i
switch to another branch and suddenly some files are shown as changed.
File/Synchronize does not help but after a restart (if i already know
that some changes are missing) the files are correctly shown as changed


Am 08.12.2010 14:40, schrieb Roman Shevchenko:

Does IDEA recognize changed files after File | Synchronize, or after restart?


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I reported this yesterday it is supposedly fixed:

[edit]  I just verified that that latest build IU-99.5 (release candidate 4) does contain the fix.