Language Injection - enable?

D'oh! I accidentally clicked on 'Disable' while using the Language Injection intention on a String, and I can't see how to re-enable it...


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Settings | IDE Settings | Language Injection

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I tried that - I couldn't see any unchecked injections, so I selected them all and clicked 'Enable Selected Injections' and now the status bar shows '69 injections (241 of 241 places enabled)', but I still don't get the language injection intention when I select a String in the editor (all I see now is 'Convert to atomic').

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Ah, yes... I remember now.. same thing happened to a coworker of mine once. Took him forever to find the setting to turn it back on.It ended up being in a strange place if I recall.  Unfortunately I do not remember where he eventually found it. And he's on vacation today so I cannot ask him. I can however give you the "hard" way to resolve the issue.

The issue is the "Inject Language" intention got turned off. But I  am not seeing the setting under the intentions list.So you can solve it as follows:

Close IDEA and open .IntelliJIdea90/options/intentionSettings.xml
In there, there will be a <component> element with a name attribute of "IntentionManagerSettings". It will have a child  <ignoreAction name="Inject Language" /> That's the culprit.
My intentionSettings.xml file is simply the emtpy element <application /> as I have them all turned on.

Sounds like this is a significant usability issue if three long time IDEA users are struggling to find this setting. If you want to open a YouTrack on such, I'd be happy to vote for it.


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Thanks Mark, that did the trick!

I've opened YouTrack issue 55203.