Release minor versions more frequently

Hi all,

Last week I was working with Eclipse and once again it helped me realize why I love IDEA much better than other Java IDEs around. It's still the best IDE around, period. However, I believe that recent versions of IDEA are not as throughly tested as before. Also some of the UI changes are not well thought of (e.g. have a look this bug report I submitted last night:

I believe that it is necessary for IDEA developers to devote more time to fix the outstanding IDEA issues rather than adding new features to the IDE. A quick look at the issue tracker shows that IDEA has more than 6000 open issues.

Finally, something I like about NetBeans is that, unlike Eclipse and JetBrains, they release minor versions very frequently. Please release stable bug fix versions more frequently! IDEA is also missing an incremental built-in updater.



Couldn't agree more! There are way too many open cases.... I think most of the IDEA users could sacrifice the feature chase and would like a version where Jetbrains only worked on closing cases.....



They do, you can keep an eye on frequent releases on the Early Access Preview page.  They have a public, more or less stable build every couple of weeks or so.  Since they are in the 9.x line, they're all bugfixes or minor enhancements.


I always feel like more bugs should be fixed and cringe at all the new features but let me share some numbers:

Out of 55 or so bug reports I have filed about ~67%, were fixed and I believe this is very good. I believe that at least another 20% would have been fixed had I taken the time to file a better bug report by providing an example project. The other issues are either bugs that are hard to reproduce, or disagreement about features.

Then again I am probably a little more tolerant that a new user having used IDEA 2.0. I also have some experience of using several other Large Enterprise CPU intensive IDE's and I can appreciate what IntelliJ does well.