Ant build output (once again)

Once again my frustration with the ant build (text) output has reached a level where i need to mention it again.
The build output is just so useless and difficult to read compared to the default ant output.

I've seen it mentioned quite a lot over the past few years and this is the best jira entry i can find for it:

Any thoughts? What do you guys think? Please vote for the jira if you care.


PS: An added annoyance is that eclipse seems to just output the plain old ant output which everyone can understand


As of 9.0.1, there is still no way (to my knowledge) to get the plain old ant output from the IDEA ant plugin.  After digging through old forum posts, it's clear that this is something that users have wanted for at least five years.  Personally, I find the output from the ant plugin to be so obnoxious that I eschew it altogether, and I would very much like this longstanding feature request to be fulfilled.