Code corruption in 92.65

Has anyone been experiencing Java class code corruption in 92.65?

By this I mean that after renaming methods/variables or undoing, the rename partially works or code goes missing.  Also, I've just experienced a problem whereby I could only view 2/3rds of a Java class because the scrollbar thought that it was at the end of the class.  I've been using 92.65 heavily for the last two days and no longer trust the rename functionality at all and dread undoing - I'm having to rely heavily on the Local VCS at the moment to carry out rollbacks.

I'll give 92.81 a try and see if the same thing happens....


yep, confirmed for 92.24. But strangly this happened only once

to me and after activating local history it did not reoccurr.

I was doing a lot of refactoring then and after a ctrl-a/reformat it was
completely corrupted.