Unused public methods (inspection)

It would be nice to have a way to separately configure the inspection setting for unused public methods. For example, I would prefer the unused public methods to show as "info" while all other unused declarations/definitions to show as warnings. I don't see a way to do it today in Maia. I don't like having a bunch of warnings while I am putting in some interface methods or general purpose API that have not yet been wired into the application. There is a "Check Methods" check box in the "Undefined Symbols" inspection configuration, but it applies to all types of methods, and if I uncheck it, I lose the warnings for unused private methods - and I certainly need to see those.  


Modifying the "Unused declarations" inspection is suppose to do what you are looking for. However, I just reported the bug (IDEA-25991 "​Unused Declaration" inspection settings (​severity and active) incorrectly linked to "​Unused Symbol" settings) that is preventing the change in levels from being honored. So for now, your only choice is to disable the "Unused Declarations" inspection.  The "Unused Symbols" inspection affects unused private fields, private methods, and method variables.

The "Unused Declaration" and "Unused Symbol" names are a bit confusing I think. But there is added confusion caused because of this issue: IDEA-25507 "​Unused declaration" reports as "​Unused symbol"

Hope that heps,


Mark, thanks so much. I had the "Unused Declarations" set to "Info", and - as one of the tracker issues states - that does not override the warnings triggered by the "Unused Symbols" settings. I don't want to disable that inspection, I like knowing if I have junk to clean up. i guess i will just try to ignore the "unused" public method warnings - until this bug is fixed.