Inspections Profile disappears

I set up my custom inspections profile in Maia, saved it under a unique name. That took about an hour of meticulous work. The next time I rebooted, the profile disappeared, and the settings were back to Defaults. I don't see the custom settings file in the config folder. It's just gone. It happened several times. Not sure if it has anything to do with me being logged into the IDEA Server. What's going on? Is this a bug? Has anyone else experienced that?


I haven't noticed this with Inspections, but I have been seeing my live tempaltes suddenly disappear.  I'm now routinely backing up my IDEA config directory.

~ keith


Hello Keith,

I haven't noticed this with Inspections, but I have been seeing my
live tempaltes suddenly disappear.

This problem is fixed in IDEA 9.0 beta.

Dmitry Jemerov
Development Lead
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Hi Dmitry,
I have experienced this problem with the last few builds, specifically, with 90.137 and 90.162. I recreated the inspections profile yesterday, and locked it. It is still there today, fortunately. I don't know if locking protects it from being wiped out, however, my understanding is that it is not exactly what locking is for. In any case, custom settings should not disappear under any circumstances - obviously.

Also, how exactly does the IDEA Server work? My understanding is that all my custom settings should be saved on the server and loaded each time I log into IntelliJ and IDEA Server from any computer. Correct? Does this mean that every time I make a change to my settings, the changes are saved to the server? Could it be that the custom profile was not being properly saved on the server, and the server was eventually overriding the local settings with the stored defaults? If the profile is locked, does it mean it is locked locally and will not be overriden by the settings saved on the server?