Question about file parsing (java/JSP)

I am still plagued by IDE fatal errors in 90.137 which seem related to my JSP files. I have been trying to help Jetbrains reproduce the problems (See

While tracking down the problem(s) and trying to create self-contained example code,  I also noticed that I get IDE fatal errors even while viewing some Java files.

If I open a java which is referenced by some JSP files, I get IDE fatal errors. (See attached file).  What is strange is the exceptions have to do with parsing JSP files.
I thought that maybe it was related to Inspections which might be analyzing code outside the java class, so I clicked mr. inspector icon at the bottom of the editor and switched from "Inspections" to "Syntax" only.
But even then, I still get these IDE fatal errors.  I restarted IntelliJ just to make sure, as IntelliJ will remember you have set "Syntax" only errors, but upon restart I still get the same IDE fatal errors.

Question:  Why is IntelliJ parsing JSP files when I am just viewing a Java class with "Syntax" only error checking?

Also,  I would suggest that any IDE fatal errors related to parsing a file or class should also print out the name of that file or class.  Right now, it is very difficult to track down which file is triggering these IDE fatal errors. I have had to resort to exhaustively stepping through JSP files one-by-one.