youtrack won't allow bug submission so...

Followed link to issue tracker from EAP page and ended up in new youtrack setup and was told I don't have perms to create a new issue...Please feel free to delete this thread if I'm just being retarded or there is a way to move it to issue tracker.

Changing module SQL dialect to new PostgresQL support causes file refresh and some sort of infinite loop or similar hang:

Noticed the new postgres sql dialect option today and changed two modules in my project to use that.  Intellij then started re-indexing and refreshing file list and eventually gave me an out of memory error when maxing out at 824m. (project normally doesn't cause more than 200-260m to be used) Forced quit and restarted and it did the same thing but this time noticed it was hung while trying to parse a particular piece of postgres sql:

CREATE FUNCTION plpgsql_call_handler() RETURNS language_handler AS
    '$libdir/plpgsql' LANGUAGE C;

CREATE FUNCTION plpgsql_validator(oid) RETURNS void AS
    '$libdir/plpgsql' LANGUAGE C;

    HANDLER plpgsql_call_handler
    VALIDATOR plpgsql_validator;

I got around the issue by manually editing my project's .ipr file to use the old sql92 dialect for sql. (This was for build #10762 on os x using java 6 in 32 bit mode)