Using autotools instead of CMake


Will in the near future, CLion use Autotools or you guys are permanentely stuck to the CMake and if so, why is that? :) 


Hi Nikola.

We understand how popular and important other build systems are. So we are going to support it in future versions, but it is not planned for the nearest releases. Now we are working on CMake improvements. Here is a feature request about Autotools support: Feel free to comment and upvote.


Hallo everybody.

So? Has there been any kind of progress?


If anyone else comes here and tries to click on the link to the issue above, note that the text for the URL is correct, but not the anchor, it has some garbage on the end, causing the page not to load:

^ the broken link

^ the correct link


@Kdf, thanks! I've updated the links.