Combining a Grails + Spring App in IntelliJ


Anyone have any experience in adding Grails to an existing Spring based UI less application in IntelliJ?

We have an existing Spring based application with a REST api and we would like to use Grails to create a frontend UI.

There are co-existence issues at several layers I guess but for starters our application uses Maven and adheres to the Maven directory structure.
Grails has its own directory structure.

How do we set this up in IntelliJ, is it a manual task of adding a Grails facet to the existing module, creating the grails app (grails create-app) and then manually adding the grails src directories to IntelliJ?



I'd suggest you to create a separate Grails module with ready directory
structure. Then you can set the dependencies to couple Spring with this
module. Grails has its own applicationContext.xml, you can use it instead.