Implement CodeLens in the code editor



I recently saw the CodeLens "Code Information Indicators" feature in Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate and thought if it would be easy to implement this feature as a PlugIn for the code editor.

This feature shows how many times something refers to a class/field/method. It also shows version control information and test results.

I think the PlugIn API already provides the usage/reference information as the IDE tracks the usages/references (Menue: Edit > Find > Show usages...).

What I don't know is, if it is easy to show these gray "ghost" lines in the code editor ("0 references..." in the screenshots) and maybe add a hyperlink to them.

What do you think?




Amazing idea! It would be amazing! :)


I like the ability to quickly glance at usages that codelens provides but I'm not a fan of how it adds a lot of vertical dead space to the code. I'd love it if the Intellij implementation put the reference count for a method/variable on the side or made it something that could be toggled easily via the keyboard.


This is definitely my favorite feature of Visual Studio and would love to see it in JetBrains Products also.


Currently, code lens works like a bullshit.

My scrollbar is full of garbage - there are a lot of suggestions, todos and other shit, but I don't see modified/added/deleted lines there.

In addition, on mouse hover (on scrollbar) I see codelens suggestions, but when I scroll to the appropriate position in source file - I see just highlighted variable names, but I have no idea, why it is highlighted, bcz codelens suggestions now are hidden

Thank god, I am on trial...


@Yaroslav - this was opened in 2013. We don't seem to be any closer. What's likelihood of seeing this in Resharper and a rough time scale?


Also, when I click the link you have posted, I can't seem to see where I can vote?


I've voted for it above...


Hey, @Jamie Hartley.

You need to log in on your JetBrains account to vote.

When you log in, you'll able to vote on the issue.



Any progress on this awesome feature? 


Maksim Koryukov told us to discuss this feature here but, any progress on it? Any news?


I need codelens !

I will die without it!


Hi any updates on adding this feature? Rider is a lot more similar to Visual Studio Windows then Visual Studio Mac is and this is one of the things I miss the most.


I second to the above comment. I miss VS's CodeLens feature so much after using Rider for a whlie.


Just wanted to retierate what someone else said: Please vote for the related request:


Voting on this feature seems like the best way to get this prioritized