Has sync with file changes made in Xcode significantly regressed?


It's a while since I've used AppCode as I've been working on other platforms, but I seem to remember AppCode always picking up on changes made in Xcode without delay. Now (using the 2016.2 EAP) I find after working on something in Xcode I must remember to do a cmd-alt-Y when returning to AppCode. If I forget, I nearly always get a memory/filesystem conflict to resolve.

I have 'synchronize files on frame or editor tab activation' on in the settings.

Has AppCode's handling of this regressed? Alternatively, is it possible that some mechanisms of window activation don't trigger AppCode's file sync? I use an alt-tab replacement app (Contexts) which I presume uses the Accessibility framework. Though I would have thought AppCode would be watching files and not relying only on a user-interaction trigger.

Edit: no, it's not a regression. Further experimentation has shown it's definitely use of the third-party alt-tab switcher that causes the problem. Issue created: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/OC-13710  I still think it's strange that AppCode doesn't seem to watch files. Relying on specific mechanisms of activating  AppCode's window seems very fragile


This fragility has cost me a lot in time since I first reported it. Frequently having to manually reconcile differences between Xcode and AppCode is time-wasting and error prone.

Unfortunately the issue was classified as a 'usability problem', when it's very clearly a bug, and a serious one. AppCode's ability to work seamlessly alongside Xcode is one of its selling points (https://www.jetbrains.com/help/objc/2016.1/appcode-and-xcode.html). If that ability depends on the user triggering file sync by using only one of the available means of switching between the two, then it is far too fragile to be considered a signature feature.