Sharepoint for Tasks?

Curious if anyone has used Sharepoint Online (office 365) for a Task Server with IntelliJ??   The company I work for is a big Sharepoint user and I'm stuck with my stories and tasks being in a Sharepoint List.     I'm going to spend some time today trying to setup the Task Server config to work (hopefully) with Sharepoint..      Any tips/advice greatly appreciated..



well I think I might be wasting my time on this as no matter what I put in the server URL clicking test results in "host parameter is null"..     I tried several different combinations of the sharepoint url.. even tried just sticking in and othger variations..   doesn't matter what I put (including blank) they all result in "host parameter is null"..      guess I'll manually enter tasks into IntelliJ so I can use the context and changeset functions..


If it is causing so many problems, just enter it manually and try

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