groovy support for bindings?

Will groovy support have the ability to bind arbitrary variables? I have implemented my own embedded instance of GroovyShell and I bind in some useful variables. So it would be nice to be able to edit scripts for my embedded groovy and have IDEA know about my bindings.

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I'm currently thinking of a file (.property?) for purposes of enumerating properties/methods that the user believes are dynamically injected into certain classes optionally with their types/return types. Complimentary to this is an intention to add a property to the file.
This is however not an ultimate decision, and we may still change it if a better way is found. So if you know a better way, please tell it here.



I don't have a better suggestion. What you propose seems like it would satisfy me.

I only asked because I didn't see this feature in the road map.

I am happy to learn that you have thought about this already.