Editor white space is "clickable" - Stop?

I've looked around in the FAQ but I don't really know how to word this.

I'm using IntelliJ IDEA 9 Beta and there's a feature in the editor that I just can't get used to -- and don't really like at all. This is the fact that you can click on any space in the editor, wither or not text has been entered there, and start typing from that point. This is the opposite of when you click white space where text has not been answered, the text cursor goes to the last position on that line which has text.

I often just click on the far right of the editor  to put my text cursor on the last character in line and go editing from there, but I can't anymore! And it annoys me!

Is there any way to disable this feature? Sorry I didn't articulate it better, but as I said, this is difficult to put into words.



It can be disabled:

Settings -> Editor -> Virtual Space (upper-right) -> "Allow placement of caret after end of line"

Randall Schulz


Yes! Thank you!

That's not the most intuitive name for such a setting... I see where they were coming from though.



The default should really be off for "Allow placement of caret after end of line".
Does anyone really like the default behavior?




This was the real deal-breaker for me right off and made my first impression a little frustrating as I had to re-invent the way I click around and code. I was sure that this must be an option, but for the life of me couldn't find it.I think the benefit here is little (at least I don't see it) and so the feature should remain an option, but disabled by default.


+1, fully agree.

Speaking of wacky defaults:
* drag-and-drop of text selection
* Ctrl-mousewheel to select font size


Agree about the default setting of whitespace, the default should be the "normal" behaviour.

I don't see what's wrong with drag-and-drop of text selection though, I mean, I'm typing this text here in firefox and even in this input field here the selection can be drag-and-dropped. It should be on by default because it's the default of virtually any text editor.



+1 for this two
but -1 for place caret after end of line
i really get used to it and like it


> That's not the most intuitive name for such a setting... I see where they were coming from though.

you just open settings, in search box you type and you automatically get jumped to this setting


Had the exact problem. thanks for asking this.


This was why I actually created an account on here. Thanks for asking this.

This behavior left a bad taste in my mouth for the JetBrains IDEs.
I only ended up with JIDEA because it was the only thing with halfway decent support for Grails. I despised it simply because of this frustrating behavior. It was more of a test of endurance than a pleasurable coding experience.
Auto-indenting on new line + tab-indenting is infinitely better than trying to line up the mouse cursor JUST RIGHT to keep my code neat.

Now I know this is optional....good for JIDEA! :)

Though I don't see how enabling this feature by default will help JetBrains win new users who have other IDE options.
Again, If not for the fact that it was the only IDE that had better support for Grails, I really wouldn't have picked it up back then with that default behavior.