CVS: Will not add new files from check project status

I have noticed this in 6.0.x and Selena. I have a ton of files that cannot be merged with what is in CVS, so I never want to run an update on the whole project. I check project status and it says that there are 6 files changed (4 are updates and 2 are created). I right-click on the 6 files changed and select update files... The 4 files that were updated are pulled down, but the 2 files that are created are not pulled down, but the created files are not pulled down. The created files are listed as red in the check project status window are marked in red. These created files do not show in the File View either. The only way I can pull down the created files is to go to the Project view and right click on the directory or to update the whole project.

Does anyone else see this?