[OT] Fix the forum editor

OffTopic - I coudln't find a specific place to post questions about this community itself.

I've been using online forums since pre-Y2k. I've just registered here and posted some messages, using the latest Chrome browser. The post editor has some really annoying issues:

  1. There's no undo. Ctrl+Z doesn't work. WTF!?
  2. The browser's spell checker is disabled.
  3. When Alt+Tab-ing back to this window, the depressing of the Tab key will be interpreted as a Tab, and it will indent bullet points like this.

Hello? Any replies regarding the ridiculous aspects of the forum software?


Hello Dan,

We're using Clearspace from Jive Software as engine oа forums.
Unfortunately, Chrome is not in the list of supported browsers.
We're migrating to the new forums engine now: http://forum.jetbrains.com . Stay tuned. :-)



As a workaround you can switch off "HTML mode" (above the text area at the right side) and you will have Undo and spell check.  Alt-Tab worked fine for me. I used latest Chrome on Windows (version 22.0.1229.94).