Feature Wanted: Only open specific modules in one project

Does anyone else want the feature like me?
more explanation:
I have a big project with about more than 20 modules. the modules dependencies become a tree structure(you can image it), like this :


and so on. It is well organized so that there is no circular dependency. IDEA works pretty good.

Sometimes someone is only working on ModuleF, so in fact he is only interested in ModuleA,D,E and F, but he must open all modules in the project to save memory.

So would you please to add a new feature to load(open) specific modules(and also load their denpendencies-modules). Even more, a relatively feature: close one specific module and the modules that depends on it.

Is there anybody support me for the same request?


sorry, the module structure example's format is wrong, see this one:



I sometimes use the following workaround: You can copy the IPR, delete some modules from there and open the copied ipr.