How to connect to a data source using IPv4 Stack?


Is there a way to configure a Data Source in IDEA 11.1.3 so that the connection is made using the preferIPv4Stack environment variable?  Without that setting I'm unable to connect.
Through a java app, I was able to connect successfully after passing the following in as a system property: -DpreferIPv4Stack=true
However I can't seem to find a way to tell IDEA to use that setting.
I put in "idea.exe.vmoptions" and restarted IDEA, but that did not help.  I'm guessing it is starting it's own java process to make the connection.

Any ideas?


[MacOS, Intellij 2019.2.3]

Same issue with IPv6. Got the following error while trying to connect:

[08001] The connection attempt failed. ***