maven indirect dependencies through library (artifact)

I have four maven projects A, B, C and D.  The dependency graph is A -> B -> C -> D, where -> means depends on.

If I define an IJ project with A and B as maven modules, the dependency will be set up correctly: module A -> module B -> C.jar -> D.jar

However, if I define a project with A and D as maven modules, it seems like IJ figures out module A -> B.jar -> C.jar, but can't quite figure out C.jar -> module D.   When I browse the code in C.jar, all references to classes in D are shown as red and are not resolved.    Is this a known problem, or I am doing something wrong?    I am running IC-117.418 with jdk 1.6.

Searching on the forum the closest I found was, but that was allegedly fixed long time ago (2006).


This problem should be fixed in the latest IDEA 11.1.3 EAP build (117.499), which can be downloaded from

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