Can JetBrains provide hashes for released versions?

Question for the fine folks at JetBrains...

With the IDEA EAP releases, you provide MD5 Hash values for the artifacts. This is very useful not only from a security standpoint, but an integrity standpoint. The proxy server at my office is known to occasionally corrupt large files when downloading them. This is especially true of zip files. (Not sure if it's the proxy or the virus scanning that does this.) Having a hash value to use to verify the file against is very helpful.

Since you have these for the EAPs, I have to assume the build process creates them. Is there any way these could be made available on the download page for the released versions?



What is the status of this?  Does jetbrain publish md5 or other secure hashes of their binary now?   I couldn't find a secure hash to verify my download of idea 11.1.2.


No, we still don't do that.