Help / user manual in PDF format ?


It seems that the long time wish for documentation in a printable format still hasn't been acknowledged (I am asking this since version 3 !).

Where is the PDF user guide ? Idea help is not in a ready to print format.

It cannot be such a big deal to provide a printable documentation. Once upon a time this was standard in commercial software.

This requirement seems to get ignored. I am not sure why.

Kind regards

Thomas Gülden
Munich, Germany


+10. This should be pretty easy, and like you say it ought to be standard. I find the online help awkward to use, and I just like reading a book sometimes.



I would like a Manual for IntelliJ in PDF format. I've got an iPad2 now and it would be nice to have the manual open right there sitting next to may computer while I'm running it. Having the manual only online is a pain for two reasons. First, it just isn't as convienent and takes up screen space when you are trying to do something. Second, it is reallly nice to read manuals and books on the iPad, where you don't need to be tied to a desktop or laptop computer.

Can anyone tell me where such a PDF manual exists. An alternative is a book in PDF format.  I'd hate to end up switching to Eclipse simply because IntelliJ refused to offer a manual in format that we could use it.



A pdf (printable) manual would be veryyyyy useful.


Hi guys,

Feel free to track the progress of IDEA-28657.

We expect it to be fixed soon.

Regards, Denis


The online help is not the same thing as a manual. A manual is designed to be read more or less sequentially, like a book, and online help is designed to provide reference information for a specific piece of UI or a specific task the user is facing.

We tried to format the existing contents of the online help, and didn't find the results to be usable enough to make it worth publishing. And right now we don't have the resources to write a proper book or manual for IntelliJ IDEA.

(By the way, I don't understand what prevents you from reading the IntelliJ IDEA Web help from your iPad.)


>> what prevents you from reading the IntelliJ IDEA Web help from your iPad.

I'll do this too, but sometimes I'm working without network access. Other times, when not so busy, I'd like to just read about features that I've not used yet.


Oh come on Mr Jemerov, All your users are asking you for a reference manual rather than emailing you once in a while about a problem. It will save you a lot time and resources if you compile all essential tricks and tips into a book. That engineers and likes can use as a guide. It's doesn't take a lot. And I believe it's time your company do it