How to keep ant tool window visible


I like when my ant toolwindow is open all the time. At some point, I'm not sure what I did (did I?) it started to hide after I click on a target (after target is complete). It freaks me out.
I checked all possible flags, I made sure that "Hide when build without problems" is unchecked but still it auto hides. I have another project where it works like I want!
Is there a way to keep it open?



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Click on the "gear" icon in the top right corner of the toolwindow and make sure "Pinned mode" is checked.

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Yes it's checked. It's also docked. I tried all combinations though.
I have same settings for both intellij windows and in one case it hides after executing ant target and other - doesn't.
I also checked workspace.xml but didn't find anything useful there.

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I recreated project and now it works as it should.