Binary patches with Intellij

Hi, folks.
In my current job i have a constant waste of time applying patches to deployed systems. Routine operation for me - is to find compiled classes in the idea output and put them by hand to the lab classpath. this is very annoyng. For me it will be very helpful if i can create jar/zip of classes from within the changeset. i believe for other also. Is it possiblle? What do you think about it?
Thanks in advance.

Best regards, Alex.

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Hi Alexander,

So a typical use-case will be selecting several classes or packages and invoking some action. IDEA should take corresponding class files from the output and create a jar archive out of them.
Should dependencies be included or not?
In any case you are welcome to file a feature request in our youtrack so the issue won't be lost.



For me dependencies aren't necessary. i need to place classes/jars to the special directory and invoke reloading. if i untrodcue new dependencies by patches, which are not on the deployed application classpath, then, most probably, these dpendencies will be jar-packed and stable, so could be delivered easily and only once. After all, probability of newly introduced dependencies  is about zero, because patches most probably will fix wrong logic, etc.

The typical use case for me - is to invoke it on the changeset. Because it will provide description and contains files from different packages.

Best regards, Alex.

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Hi, Eugene.
I've reported a feature request - IDEA-68200. Hope will be done sometime.

Best regards, Alex