Bug with Auto Indent Lines

I'm using the most recent version of IntelliJ Idea 10.0.2 Build #IU-103.72.

When I try to use auto indent on a Grails Service that I am writing, it not only doesn't do it correctly but it removes code (closing parentheses).

Attached are a before and after screenshot.

reactrevenue - [_Users_eric_Projects_reactrevenue] - [reactrevenue] - ..._grails-app_services_com_scs_cwf_ReportingService.groovy - IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.2-1.jpg

reactrevenue - [_Users_eric_Projects_reactrevenue] - [reactrevenue] - ..._grails-app_services_com_scs_cwf_ReportingService.groovy - IntelliJ IDEA 10.0.2-2.jpg




Hello Eric

I can't reproduce the issue on the presented peace of code.
Is it reproduced on this peace with no other code?
Could you tell me what you excactly do to reproduce?


The problem occurred when I had intellij running for a while and it ran out of resources. I was able to correct the problem by shutting down intellij completely and re-opening it.