Stupid question, but what is the keyboard shortcut for column mode on mac?

It's got this little keyboard symbol in it.  I can't figure out what button that symbol is supported to represent.  Looks like this:



I can see how this can be an odd one.  If you have an extended keyboard (one with a number pad), then the "*" key works on the number keypad with the key sequence of "SHIFT+APPLE+*", but trying to use the "*" on the 8 key does not.  I'd consider this to be a bug.

Oh, and FYI, I don't know what that funky other character image is either.  I don't see that on my menu.  My menu item (edit) shows the SHIFT+APPLE+* only.


Hmm...I wonder if the little keyboard is some indication that it's specifically the asterisk on the extended keyboard, and not on the standard keyboard.  I.e. the keyboard symbol means "extended keyboard version".  Though you don't have that symbol on are using idea 10?