Nice Work!

Just thought I'd take a moment out of my ridiculousy crazy day to say Well Done to the good folk of JetBrains. The fact that you display the \u0000 char in the toString() evaluation in the debugger meant that your ide could find the source of a nasty little bug that eluded eclipse (and emacs) because they treated that character as a terminator, thereby hiding all that came after it.

It's a nice touch and shows the attention to detail and commitment to quality of your team. It may also validate your EAP program because I imagine this is the kind of thing that this group would uncover in its travails.


Yes, few time ago, my colegues start writing bug report to Sun, about "String.indexOf" method, becouse it work 'buglly' :))

Then i ask to show me test case, i point to last 'whitespace symbol', hidden IMHO in other debuggers.

So, this is a little request i guess, becouse will be nice to have whitespaces for spaces in Debugger. Especialy for spaces at end and at begin of string.

Maybe for spaces draw dot, as it draw in editor?



OR laybe a light shade of a non-white color, since you the dots for spaces may be confused with, well, dots. {:-)