9.0.1 Out Of Memory dialog appearing over and over and over....

My IntelliJ has started displaying a popup stating an out of memory error  every few seconds despite it showing well over 500MB available of over 900MB in the status bar, The message states "There's not enough memory  to perform the requested operation", does anyone know a way of finding  out what that requested operation was so perhaps i could trace a root  cause, it happens when intelliJ is just sitting there idle so its not  triggered by user action.

I noticed another user having the same problem back in version 7 - but the only resolution to that was to up to Xmx in teh vmoptions file.  Mine is more than sufficient - and until today I was working without any issues.

I have not reconfigured anything - I'm just getting this contstant nag window.  Ignoring it will make it go away for only a few minutes.  Apart from the nag I am not having any other memory related or performance problems.



Have you tried invalidating the caches and restarting? It sounds like something is hogging memory and a bloated cache could be it...


Please try 9.0.2 because problem may be already fixed. If doesn't help, please capture a memory snapshot as described at http://www.jetbrains.net/devnet/docs/DOC-192


I took the upgrade to 9.0.2 route and at first that didn't seem to solve the problem.  Then I removed some branched source code from my project and after a couple of retstarts of IntelliJ the problem seems to have resolved itself.

If it happens again I will look at clearing the caches.

I did assume that there was some background task maybe that IntelliJ was running - although there was no indication of it in the UI.

I'll post again if the problem reoccurs.

Thanks for the quick replies.


Hi Roman,

I'm seeing "out of memory" dialogs in 9.0.2 / 95.105 quite often.
In my case, it's often when I open a big XML file in the editor.

How exactly should I capture a memory dump in such cases (the linked article doesn't say)?
Note that general memory consumption of IDEA is pretty much as expected.
Only in specific cases does there seem to be a high spike in memory usage.

Should I manually add "-XX:HeapDumpOnOutOfMemory" option to "idea.vmoptions"?




Sounds reasonable; we updated the article. Thank you.