including properties files

I have noticed that only 'some' properties files are included in refactorings. Is there a way to make sure that a properties file is considered when renaming or when doing a safe delete?

I have properties files in special directories that sit outside my project. I have added these directories as 'module content root' and I have even set the directories as 'source' even though these directories only contain properties. Something else that might be interesting is that I am using these files with spring.



Just performed the following test:

  1. Created simple sping-aware project;
  2. Created property file at standard Maven layout (root resource dir is configured as IDEA source root);
  3. Added reference to the property file above to spring config;
  4. Invoked 'Rename' action for the property file (check 'spring-rename-file-before.png' screenshot);
  5. Checked that the file is renamed and spring config is updated correspondingly ('spring-rename-file-after.png');

Please try to create a minimal but complete example that illustrates the problem and submit it to IDEA tracker.


thanks... I was doing everything right... There was just one spring file that was not included in the
file-set and so the mapping was not complete.


Ok, cool, glad to see that everything is fine now.