Maven download sources/javadoc Intellij 9 question

So I am trying out Intellij 9 right now and I love what I see. I notice it is quite a lot more performant than verion 8.1.x is to be honest.

I have a question regarding Maven though. In Intellij 8 in the Settings -> Maven section you could specify whether or not to download Javadoc and sources on demand, or never. I usually leave the Javadoc set to never on my home machine, because over VPN, it  takes forever and most of the  time I do not need to refer the Javadoc.

In Intellij 9 however I do not see that option anywhere? Has that been completely ditched? If so may I ask what the reasoning was behind it? It was just more convenient that way where the user could select their preferences.

Thanks in advance for any responses.



Thank you so very much for the followup reply.