JSP taglibs not resolved declared in included file

Recently, IntelliJ stopped recognizing the namespace bindings for the tags on my JSPs.  Whenever I try to edit a JSP file, I see yellow warning highlights in the right margin and the IDE suggests possible imports to resolve the namespace binding issues.

I use a single file, jsp.inc, to hold all my taglib definitions and I include that file in all my JSP files.  If I ctrl-click on the @include file path the IDE takes me to the jsp.inc file, and if I click on one of the taglib uri's I'm taken to the appropriate tld file, which indicates to me that IntelliJ is resolving all the file locations just fine.  The only way to "fix" this issue is to declare the taglib definitions on the page I'm editing.  BTW: The .inc extension is mapped in IntelliJ's settings as a Java Server Page file.

Aside from the namespace binding warnings I see no other errors.

Can anyone suggest a solution?



p.s. I'm running intellij 8.0.1 on XP.


It works for me in the latest 8.1 EAP. Could you try it?