Building JARs question

Hello everyone.

First of all, let me congratulate you on this wonderful IDE.
I've heard many good things about IDEA, but I just tried it this week for the first time and I'm amazed.

Now, I'm quite new(bie), so this might seem a silly question:

I've been using Netbeans previously, but I'm starting a new project that mixes Java + Groovy, and Netbeans just doesn't cut it.
IDEA works wonderfully and does exactly what I want, but I miss the building process of Netbeans.
Basically it creates a "dist" directory, where it copies the "main project" JAR and all the dependencies (external or other modules) to a sub-dir of "dist".

Can anyone point me to a good resource on how to configure this behaviour on IDEA?

Many thanks.


RTFM for me...
It's easy after all (as everything in IDEA).

Keep up the great work