Just a quick note to the IDEA team: if you are thinking about fixing the
installer issues sometime before the end of the EAP cycle, I'd like to
suggest fixing them earlier rather than later. I might be the only one, but
I don't always install (and therefore help test out) the latest EAPs because
the installation process is such a pain in the ass.

(The issues I'm talking about have all been covered here before I think: the
fact that it takes 20 clicks to get through the installer app, then you have
to re-edit the idea.lax file, then you have to put all the plugins back in.
(That last step has also turned me off to plugins.))


Usually, you don't need the installer for an EAP release.

Just download the zip file and unzip into your installation directory. Don't worry about the idea.lax file.

If you're using the batch file (bin/idea.bat) to launch idea, remember to save it, then restore it afterwards.