Juliet Code analysis features in IDEA

I was wondering if you guys know about this code analysis tool, called Juliet:


It is written in Java, the Look&Feel is fast, but I never really thought of using it along with IDEA.

BTW, IDEA is one "competitor" :

In your opinion, is there anything that would be worth being implemented in IDEA ?


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Some of it looks cool (boolean search combinations, saveable searches), but frankly between Alt-F7, Ctrl-B, Ctrl-N, the inspection panel, and the I and O gutter buttons, IDEA already satisfies 99% of my code search requirements. If there were some sort of "Advanced Semantic Search" capacity in IDEA, I honestly don't know if I'd ever use it.

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On a similar note, I filed a request (http://www.intellij.net/tracker/idea/viewSCR?publicId=12838) to integrate the code inspection features of FindBugs (http://www.cs.umd.edu/~pugh/java/bugs/). FindBugs is really amazing stuff and it's found quite a few serious errors in my code.

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This looks like a nicer navigation interface to a lot of capabilities that already exist in IDEA, albeit with some more advanced search/pattern capabilities.

Anyway, I'm in favor of adding/enhancing these features, and other code metrics in general...