Chinese Handcraft: Folk Paper-Cuts

Chinese Handcraft: Folk Paper-Cuts[/b]
  Originating in the cradle of ancient Chinese culture, Shaanxi paper-cuts have a time-honored history and have been handed down from generation to generation among people. They seem to tell people vividly of the ancient stories of the Chinese nation which are always touching.
The subject matters of Shaanxi paper-cuts vary greatly. They can be human figures, birds and animals, flowers and plants, fish and insects. The various appearances of Shaanxi paper-cuts are imposing ways to express us the life style and wisdom of Chinese people.
Often used as patterns for embroidery and serve as window decoration, paper-cuts play an irreplaceable role in Shaanxi populace’s daily life. When the Spring Festival comes, the windows of the grey houses on the Central Shaanxi Plain and the cave houses on the Northern Shaanxi Plateau are decorated with paper-cuts. With bright red paper-cuts of all kinds on snow-white window paper, the atmosphere appears much more festive. At the same time, the paper-cuts contain people’s good wishes.
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