phpstorm 9 windows 10 - can't type in terminal

Hello all-

I find that I am unable to enter any input via typing or pasting to the built in terminal (local) of phpstorm 9 or phpstorm 8. I'm running windows 10 at the moment and I suspect that may be the issue.

Would somebody please confirm if the issue is windows 10? Anybody runing phpstorm aon windows 10 dows not have my issue?



Hi there,

Terminal works in Windows 10 if you use legacy console.

To do so, open a command prompt window, right click on the title, then select Properties. At the bottom, check "Use legacy console". Confirm the dialog window and go back to WebStorm to launch a new terminal. It should work.


In any case, this is the ticket to watch after: -- star/vote/comment to get notified on progress.

As always, Andriy, you are spot on. Are you on the Jetbrains payroll yet? :)