CVS replacement

Hi IDEA developers !

CVS is widely used, but it has got lots of caveats,
and that's why SubVersion has been created:

"The goal of the Subversion project is to build a revision control system that is a compelling replacement for CVS in the open source community"

Any plans to integrate support for this VCS ?



A very recent article (March 07, 2003)
that talks about Subversion:

"...CVS and its semi-chaotic development model have become an essential part of Open Source culture."

"...Because it uses the RCS storage system under the hood, CVS can only track file contents, not tree structures. As a result, the user has no way to copy, move or rename items without losing history. Tree rearrangements are always ugly server-side tweaks."

"...The RCS back end cannot store binary files efficiently, and branching and tagging operations can become very slow.

"...From a developer's standpoint, the CVS codebase is the result of layers upon layers of historical ``hacks''. (Remember that CVS began life as a collection of shell scripts to drive RCS.) This makes the code difficult to understand, maintain or extend. For example, CVS's networking ability was essentially stapled on. It was never designed to be a native client/server system."

" was decided that Subversion would be designed as a functional replacement for CVS. It would do everything that CVS does, preserving the same development model while fixing the flaws in CVS's (lack of) design. Existing CVS users would be the target audience; any CVS user should be able to start using Subversion with little effort."


dan wrote:

Any plans to integrate support for this VCS ?

You've got my vote. I use Subversion personally at home and I'm loving it.


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Vote for

If you make the CVS plugin open source we could easily change it to support subversion since it is mostly backward compatible.


Agreed there was some serious talk on here a while back about starting an effort to write a plugin for Subversion. There is plugin source for sourcesafe would it not be of any help to start with that?

Subversion is in fact a superior product, even in its current state.