mac version soon?

I am not sure this is the correct forum; appologies if it is not, but now that Mac OS X 1.4.1 is finally out I was wondering when to expect a Mac specific release of IDEA 3.0 for it.



According to the IntelliJ web site:

As JDK 1.4 has recently been released for Mac OS X, we have started to prepare the Mac OS X version of IntelliJ IDEA 3.0. It will be available no later than April 15th, 2003.
In the meantime, it is still possible to download IntelliJ IDEA 2.6 for temporary use.
Use the link to the left, to get to the 2.6 Download page, where you may request a 30-days evaluation key for IntelliJ IDEA 2.6.


That said, you could use 3.0 using the generic UNIX package albeit with some modifications...