Can't wait for 800!

I just got notice that a longstanding feature request has been added to 800:! Execellente!

JetBrains - will you be adding direct support for discontinuous selection,
etc. ala my Selector plugin? I've gotten several feature requests for it.
But, if you're going to be supporting the feature directly, I won't spend
time updating it.

Jordan Zimmerman
Altura International
Catalog City


Yes! Great!
I don't really care about custom suffixes. I'm the one who is using (and actively developing!) "bizzare" and "non-standard" code styles (and I have every reason for that!), but the more flexibility is available the better overall performance can be.
Coding style is not just an appearance, it's a major part of the programming technology itself. It is as fluent as any other part. All features intended to support any innovations here are really important and welcome.
I do really care about non-contigous selections. I've found Selector plugin to be an indepencible tool and I would really love this functionality to be extended.