How to work with "whole project" properly?


Back in the days of Idea 3 we had no problem with our projects (even EJB). We could organize them how we wanted in CVS and everything was kinda easy for us. When Idea 4 arrived with modules we had to reconsider our project structure (well, now nearly every IDE forces you to organize sources somehow - we don't want to stay with vim ;)). So we adopt modules, build per module and everything is quite fine.

The only problem is, that we have project with modules/]]> directories in it and we also have global build.xml in the project. That is higher (in directory hierarchy) than modules. All our projects end up with some "Java module" called "A foo" with content root set up to project main directory. We used to the fact that we can't see whole project in this "module" either - only those files that are not parts of other modules. The question is:

How do you treat the project in such a case? I want to work with many files in this context (outside of modules) because Idea is still fine with xml (build files) and many other too.

Thank you for any hint... we evaluate Idea 6 and I feel kinda stupid with A foo module workaround.




There's still no other workaround yet. We're doing exactly the same here, creating a dummy module just to hold project-related files. Well, we don't call it "A foo"... :)


Same here, not sure there's any other way around it.