License key runs out tomorrow ??!!!!

I've just joined the eap group and downloaded newest release. To my surprise the license will expire to morrow. Is this a bug. Or what do i have to do to extend the licanse?

reg stefan

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EAP is over. Tommorrow 3.0 is being released. thats why.

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Well, EAP for ariadna. i wish there was an edit feature =0

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Okay... let me explain.
Build 276 is the final build of Ariadna, and it has been released as
IntelliJ IDEA 3.0. EAP for Ariadna is OVER, so there will be no EAP licence
available. Now if u want to use IDEA, u will have to purchase a licence. The
builds that u see which are being released after build 276 are builds that
mainly contain bug fixes for 276 and later. Mainly these builds are released
for die-hard IDEA users (like me) who enjoy the feeling of downloading a
build and reporting bugs in tracker. After 2 months, IntelliJ may release
IDEA 3.0.1 which will bundle all the bug fixes (probably with no new
features), and it would be available to licence users. Once they release
3.0.1, they will start preparing for their next project which would be
called Aurora. And once again at that time, u can participate in the EAP for
So till then.... keep on developing in pleasure. ;)