Is the EAP program coming to end?

I just got a pop-up on re starting the current version of IDEA 30, that said the license expires on Sunday and that if we wanted to continue to use the product we needed to purchase a commercial license. Does this mean build 669 is ready for prime-time? Does this mean that the eap program for IDEA 3.0 is finished? Since it is the week-end and our development shop is dependent on IDEA 3.0 (like a drug) we are scrammbling to get a PO signed for five licenses... is there a way to get an extra week on the program so we have time to all of the paper work done. I'll bet we are not the only shop that is going be suprised at the lack of warning as to the final eap members license.


Well you can always request a 30day trial license from the main site.