Performance problems with EJB

There were numerous reports about poor IDEA performance when working with
EJBs (see e.g. requests ##3381, 4143). We implemented important
optimizations in the build #662. Please check it and report if you still
experience performance problems when working with EJB support.

Valentin Kipiatkov
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


Seems a little faster, not a quantum leap though, maybe it would notice more on a larger scale, I was using a little test bean that didn't do that much to begin with.

The new release does seem more stable in the area of working with ant files and xml. Now when editing an ANT file I have a chance to fix a mistake before the error message(s) lock me out... that was annoying, glad that is fixed, look forward to exploring more...


It used to take 20 seconds before my stateless session beans were validated with a nice green block. Now it takes just one or two - and the memory usage has improved greatly too.

Many thanks and congrats,