#660 X Window won't work when inputting double-byte charactors.

Hi all

I use #660 on Linux Debian Woody in Japanese environment.
When I try to input Japanese on Ariadna source code editor(Shift+Space), a small window to enter Japanese letters appears. The window works well, however, just closing it, as well as closing it with Japanese inputted, makes X(4.1.0-17) unable to work, so that I must reboot X. Until #660 just closing the small window effects nothing.
Do you have any tips on Ariadna or settings on Linux to fix this problem.
Of cource, it is greatest to enable to inputing Japanese.

Kind regards,
Daigo Moriwaki

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I can close the small window named 'Kana-Knaji Conversion' safely with Shift+Space again.

I hope problem inputing double-byte charactors on Linux be fixed, as one on Windows has been fixed.

Daigo Moriwaki