JDK-JRE: reduce support calls?

> "Mike Aizatsky" <mike@intellij.com> wrote in message
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>>IDEA supplied JRE has the tools.jar so you have full compiler inside.
> When I say tools I meant jarsigner, keytool, javadoc etc.. our ant build
> needs to make jars and sign them for use by webstart.. under the
bundled jre
> these scripts suddenly fail when as they can't find these tools.. so
I have
> to install jdk1.4.1 anyway, them add it to IDEA - which appears as 1.4.1
> (1), and then modify the ant properties to run under a custom jvm..
like I
> said messy and not altogether obvious.
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> Richard Osbaldeston
> (http://www.osbald.co.uk)

If the Idea folks want to reduce the # of support calls, the bundled
JREJDK should not show up as a JDK to be used for projects.

The bundled thing should be, as Mike says, an internal component of IDEA
that stys hidden within it

Idea on startup (or on first project creation)
if no development JDKs are defined should ask the user to locate one first.


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Point 1
Idea's own JRE must not be available as the default development JDK unless a
user selects it - and even then they should be warned to use an external
full JDK

Point 2
Idea on startup (or on first project creation)if no development JDKs are
defined should ask the user to locate one first

Both these points are absolutely CORRECT, if u want to bundle the jre with
IDEA. In that way we are using we users are making sure that we are using
the choosen JDK for development while IDEA's own JRE is used to execute