CVS passwords


can anybody tell me how to work with CVS servers that are accessed via
SSH and require a password for every action? I have not been able to
find a place to specify it, and if I interact with the server from
inside idea, the operation simply blocks when the password is requested
(I assume), but I never get the opportunity to enter it.

(BTW, I wished there was a way to remove the color parade from the
option dialogs. But thats probaly so much an issue of taste that it is
better not brought up).



thanks. But thats all Windoze stuff. I did not find anything pertaining
to other environments (at first glance)

thanks anyway

Ian Zabel wrote:

read this:


I can't get CVS working at all with SSH, I use TortoiseCVS at the moment but it's a lost cause at the moment with IDEA.
It seems to keep trying rsh even though I've set it up for SSH. It never asks for password and I've not set up RSA keys yet.