655 broken cvs passfile


I use a cvs pserver configuration to attach to our cvs repository.

The new setup mechanism for cvs passwords via cvspass file
in EAP 655 seems to be broken.
If I access files in my work tree through a cvs command,
Idea asks for a password. Even though my CVS pserver
configuration and the typed password are correct
I get the following error message:

C:\tools\cvs.exe status build.xml
cvs.exe status: authorization failed: server cvs rejected access to
/usr/local/cvsroot for user rfoerthe
cvs.exe status: used empty password; try "cvs login" with a real password

I've localized the problem in the resulting cvspass file which is stored in
Idea's system directory
under <Idea-Home>/system/esonu_iprdb4d3e74.cvspass
It contains:

:pserver:rfoerthe@cvs/usr/local/cvsroot: A87uhooo
The colon in front of the password as a seperator is misplaced.
Only a space as separator is allowed here.
It finally operated, after removing the colon.

By the way I use cvs.exe V1.11.2 from ftp.cvshome.org

- Roland