How can I view control characters in PhpStorm?


Every now and then I copy some text from an email into a php file and the text contains one or more control characters.

The resulting behaviour in PhpStorm is strange cursor and backspace movements.

If I paste the text into vi, I can see (and delete) the control character that is causing the problem. An example would be <feff>

Is there any way to view these in PhpStorm? I have tried turning on the show whitespace option, but that does not show these characters. I do not want them left in by accident, I only happened to come across the problem because I had to edit a line that had a control character in it - If I had not needed to edit that line, the character would have been left in my production code, causing who knows what problems!


Hi there,

Please try "Zero Width Characters locator" plugin -- it has separate inspection and can detect invisible characters -- maybe it will cover your case.


This worked perfectly, thanks!